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Seymour Street, Vancouver BC, Canada

Greater Seattle Area, Washington, U.S.




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"As a subject facilitator, Meena engages her audiences through easy-to-understand and applicable examples for nonprofit professionals looking to take their organization's feedback strategies to the next level. Considerate of her attendees, Meena tailors her expertise to their needs, imparting upon attendees' pertinent knowledge and skills they can implement in short and long-term plans."

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“Meena is a thoughtful, dependable, brilliant and flexible (!) Fundraising Data and Analytics specialist. I was fortunate to meet her on LinkedIn at a most opportune time for my organization.  I explained to her my vision for a Research and Prospect Management division, which my organization currently does not have.  She was able to meet pressing survey needs we had while also preparing a proposal for additional resources to consider.  Her pricing was fair and equitable.  This was especially important to us given the newness of the Institutional Advancement Department at my organization.  However, this also demonstrates her sensitivity to the challenges nonprofits the world over are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  I will definitely utilize her services again -- and soon.  I highly recommend her for your Fundraising Data and Analytics needs.“

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“Meena was such a thoughtful and clear communicator -- I felt she did an outstanding job framing the session, both in terms of why this work is so important to her personally, but also why EVERYONE should see this as important, whether or not you deal directly with data collection and analysis on a regular basis. I appreciated that she pointed out that everyone has a role to play in the overall process, and that even those who are not actively engaged in collecting data can still play an important role in analysis and asking questions about where the data came from, how it was collected, how it is being presented, etc. In terms of my own job, I think I fall more into that latter category, so I was grateful that I was still able to see the ways in which I can contribute.”

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"My company hired Meena to consult on our machine learning platform, and Meena's work was incredibly valuable to my team. Her work was thoughtful, comprehensive and will contribute significantly to Fundraising KIT's machine learning predictions. Thank you for your work, Meena!"

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"Balanced Good was lucky enough to work with Meena collaboratively to support a client. Her work was thoughtful, she asked us all the right questions to ensure we brought forward the best results for our clients. She was always warm, kind, and simply a pleasure to work with. We can't wait for more opportunities to incorporate her inclusive work and thoughtfulness in future collaborations."

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"We had the great privilege and joy working with Meena as a data analyst for the 2023 State of BC's Non-Profit Sector project. Upon approaching Meena with the project, we quickly set up an initial meeting to discuss the project and Meena followed-up with important questions about the project, immediately demonstrating her wealth of experience and expertise with data work, the non-profit sector, and her approach to collaboration in her consultancy practice. Just amazing from the very beginning. She carried this kind of attentiveness, care, and commitment to the work throughout our entire collaboration. Not only did she provide quality data analysis work, she went above and beyond as a consultant to be a sounding board and advisor in supporting us to steer the project towards its intended goals and objectives. Most importantly, she brought a humanistic approach to all the pieces of her work - in her communication, analysis approach, and recommendations. Truly a gem of a human who is sure to bring warmth, fun, positivity, and empowerment to any team, on top of high quality work. I can not recommend Meena enough, truly. I am hoping that another opportunity to work together with Meena will come my way again, and am looking forward to connecting other organizations in the sector with her. Grateful for this experience to work with a true professional and also gaining a new friend!"

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"Meena's workshop was hands-on, engaging, and gave me tools I can easily apply to my work. I loved how personal and approachable Meena was—I felt like I was chatting with a good friend! I would definitely recommend this experience to my colleagues. I feel inspired and empowered to bring meaningful change in my organization."

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"I participated in Meena’s equitable data training and was so impressed, I asked Meena to provide our programs team with consulting support on a baseline data collection, analysis and interpretation project. In only a few short sessions, Meena was able to provide incredible technical guidance, recommendations on centering equity in data collection, and suggestions on closing the feedback loop with community partners and community members.  Meena’s approach to supporting her clients is engaging, warm and encouraging.  She is an absolute gift to the social impact sector and I will turn to Meena for any future equitable and inclusive data consulting needs!"

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