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Hi there! I'm Meena. I'm a people-driven data equity consultant for nonprofits and social impact agencies. I have a decade+ of experience in the Tech and Nonprofit industry. I support nonprofits in raising money sustainably. I firmly believe that my empowering nonprofits across the world contributes to solidifying the commitment of those mission-driven organizations. I extend this mantra to empower small-shops across the world through pro-bono research volunteering as well.


When I am not consulting, I love to get to know my LinkedIn connections better over virtual coffees. I call myself a work in progress empath.​ As a supporter of the idea of extreme experimentation, I believe that we should not be afraid of experimenting because, just like a data analytics model, our perspective improves when we train ourselves with more data.
​My recent aha moments outside client work include:
  • speaking at multiple seminars on integrating DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility) in research tools and fundraising analytics.
  • providing pro-bono counseling as Research Advisor to small shops. Projects include conducting programmatic assessment surveys, donor segmentation planning, or one-off training on data analysis.
  • being data equity volunteer advisor to 10+ amazing small-shops across North America.
  • managing two weekly newsletters (data uncollected and dear human).
  • publishing my e-book, Some Data Posts -  an en-book on data and lived experiences.
  • in addition to my data consulting, operating an online school: Data Is For Everyone!
  • mentoring 30+ immigrant women in technology and data science related careers.
  • launching my life-based podcast show "Being and Unbeing an Immigrant".
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Listen to my why in this podcast episode

What makes this work possible?


Take a look at what I mean.

  • Associate Director, Fundraising Research and Analysis
       VGH UBC Foundation​
  • Consultant (Analytics and Surveys)
       Campbell and Company​

  • Data Analyst II

  • Program Manager

  • Research Analyst and Graduate Assistant
       University of South Florida, Tampa​

  • Associate Consultant

my life before NamasteData

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