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Elevate your nonprofit's impact with our "Advancing Equitable Data Collection Workshop". Ideal for all roles - EDs, VPs, fundraisers, data collectors, analysts, and storytellers in the nonprofit sector, this 2.5-hour interactive virtual workshop empowers participants to collect data equitably. Learn Dive into the essentials of "good" data, understand how to collect it with equity, and discover how to use it meaningfully in your day-to-day efforts. No prior expertise required, just a readiness to learn and drive change. Join us to transform data into a powerful tool for social good, enhancing your skills in data-driven decision-making and inclusive data practices. 
Let's transform data into a tool for empowerment together!



Advancing Equitable Data Collection

NEXT DATE: July 30, 2024

Advancing Equity in Visualizations

Step into the world of impactful data storytelling with our "Advancing Equity in Visualizations" workshop! This 2.5-hour live, interactive virtual course is designed for anyone eager to master the art of data visualization with a focus on equity and empathy. You will learn how to avoid biases in your visuals, create meaningful visuals for audience, and apply a racial equity lens to your designs. From exploring "IDEA-led visualizations" to understanding the fundamentals of equitable design, this workshop is perfect for individuals and teams aiming to communicate data more effectively and respectfully. No previous experience required—just bring your enthusiasm and readiness to learn how to transform data into powerful, inclusive visual narratives​
Commit to AI learning with our "Towards Human-Centric AI" workshop, first and only tailor-made for nonprofits. This unique course addresses the crucial, often overlooked aspect of AI: centering humans in our algorithms. Dive into discussions that challenge the norm and explore how to design, use, and advocate for Responsible AI with people and communities at its core. This workshop is more than just technical know-how; it's about shaping AI to be inclusive, equitable, and justice-centered. Join us to reshape your AI adoption journey, ensuring that your work with algorithms enhances, not diminishes, the human experience.





Towards Human-Centric


Survey Kaleidoscope

Planning to to do a survey in the coming months?

Try this popular survey planning workshop.

Dive into the world of effective survey creation with our "Survey Kaleidoscope" workshop, specifically tailored for nonprofits. This 90-minute session offers a comprehensive guide to crafting inclusive and equitable surveys, pivotal for your year-end planning. Learn how you can strategize for surveys that not only engage your donors, members, or alumni but also yield actionable insights and robust data to support your organization's objectives. Engage in interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and collaborate with colleagues to master the art of survey planning. From understanding key components to developing clear, unbiased questions, this workshop equips you with the tools to create surveys that resonate and deliver results. Don't miss this chance to transform your approach to survey planning and enhance your impact!​
Step into the future of non-profit data management with our "Data For Good" workshop! This 120-minute, virtual workshop is a must for anyone in the non-profit sector looking to harness the true potential of data beyond mere numbers. Explore how data can be a powerful tool for ethics, values, and inclusivity in your organization. Whether you're concerned about ethical data practices, aiming for bias-free data collection and analysis, or seeking to make your data practices more inclusive and accessible, this workshop is for you. Learn to communicate complex data effectively, identify and address blind spots in your practices, and establish a set of shared data values. Join this workshop to transform your organization's approach to data and make it a force for good!

Data for Collective


AI Advancement Lab


Join the "AI Advancement Lab" workshop and unlock the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence for your nonprofit. This comprehensive group coaching bridges the gap between your passion for social good and AI's capabilities. Spanning 8 immersive sessions, you will journey from understanding AI basics to implementing tools like Chat-GPT (and other Generative AI tools for refining fundraising and optimizing operations. This isn't just a theoretical course; it's a hands-on experience that ends with a personalized AI roadmap for your organization. Embrace this opportunity to lead in innovation and significantly enhance your nonprofit's efficiency and impact with AI​
Discover a world where data creates a force for good at "Data Is For Everyone," a virtual data school led by Meena, CEO of NamasteData. This evolving platform offers a variety of courses and workshops tailored to the needs of the community. Here, you can dive into topics ranging from equitable data collection to advanced analytics tools and AI, all designed to empower and include. By participating, you're not just learning about data; you're joining a mission to use it as a tool for fairness and positive change, breaking down biases and building a more inclusive world. Don't miss this chance to be part of a movement where data isn't just numbers, but a pathway to transforming lives and societies for the better​.

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