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Namaste Data

Empowering, enriching, continuous learning and co-creating change...that's
how our collaborations look like.

Scroll to see the indicators of our collaborations. You are in the space of data after all!

How does our collaborations look like?

Here are some mission-driven organizations we have collaborated with (in the capacity of consultant, advisor, speaker, and/or trainer)

Want to work together or make a referral? Send a message!

  • Arts BC
  • ACLU Northern California
  • Atira Housing
  • BCCC
  • Benefits in Action
  • Canadian Association of Gift Planners
  • Colorado Coalition for Boys and Men
  • Canadian Association of Gift Professionals
  • Canada Media Fund
  • Lee Arthur Johnson Center
  • MacAlester
  • Mass Culture
  • My Life Foundation
  • Nonprofit Learning Lab
  • Orange County Grantmakers
  • Puente
  • REMC
  • Sherwood Trust
  • Theater Communications Group
  • The Brant County SPCA
  • The Mentoring Club
  • Chicago Food Depository
  • Fundraising Well
  • Food Lifeline
  • Halton Healthcare Foundation
  • Immigrant Social Services, NYC
  • Independent School Alliance for Minority Affairs
  • Innovate Calgary
  • Keela
  • Kids-Talk
  • Kids Network
  • The Playwright's Realm Theatre
  • Travel Unity
  • United Colors of Cancer
  • VGH UBC Hospital Foundation
  • Vantage Point
  • Volunteer BC
  • Wing Luke Museum
  • and more...
Listed in alphabetical order.

How we look at success of past 12 months?

Nonprofits & Agencies Impacted



15+ individuals;

20+ small shops

Speaking Engagements


Courses & Workshops Designed



  • Learned to honors my personal boundaries

  • Work on building better mental health

  • Spend quality time with my books

  • Show up for my family more and causes that matter to me.

Individuals Impacted

25+ (as clients);

2500+ (as "data uncollected" subscribers)

Here are quick examples of how those collaborations started

Curious to know how can we collaborate?

When I was asked
“Where do I even start with analytics?”

How I helped a promising organization get started with analytics roadmap planning.

I assisted an established organization create its analytics roadmap from scratch. The organization grew exponentially in its first few years with traditional (and working) research practices, and I helped them create a strategic plan (focused on philanthropy analytics) to get organized and plan for growth. I also helped them raise cultural awareness on what they need to be successful with analytics post system transition.

When I was asked
“Our staff needs support on social identifiers-based data collection. Any help?”

How I helped a service-based nonprofit staff to look at their data collection processes with inclusion and equity in focus.

A service-based organization was struggling in helping their staff with equity and inclusion-led data collection. With a specific, customized plan for their nonprofit, I helped their staff with a half-day training on thinking about data collection grounded in equity and inclusion.

When I was asked
“How do we find major donors post-pandemic?”

How I helped a nonprofit to look at their data to find major donors.

When a nonprofit saw itself going slowly back to giving patterns of pre-covid levels, they wondered how to identify major donors – especially when our modeling is prone to biases. I helped them think about their data with the lens of IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility) via staff training and then built major gift models for identifying their next batch of MG donors.
I am now working with them (for spring 2022) for conducting an annual survey with their entire universe of MG donors!

When I was asked
“I’ve never met the new donors during the pandemic, but they sure seem to like us! How do I keep them engaged?”

How I helped a nonprofit to engage with their past, current, and first-time donors of the pandemic.

When a client nonprofit found almost 30% increase in donors just within the first 4 months into pandemic, their leadership and staff wondered how they could better understand their donors – and engage them! I helped them plan and execute an engagement analysis where
a). I first conducted a data-driven engagement analysis for all donors, volunteers, and board, and,
b). then conduct a survey for the same population

This led to robust strategies that, fast forward to now (more than 24 months into pandemic), led to keeping 80% of their constituents engaged through these pandemic months. And all that engagement has been just via virtual platforms!

When I was asked
“I know I’ve got some great ideas, but I need more donors to get heard!”

How I helped a founder-led membership-based organization to turn current members into donors.

I unearthed several ways to help an exciting young organization overachieve. We conducted an in-depth survey of all members and interview of key supporters (roughly 5K+) on their programming and fundraising for the following year. That led to creation of a broad, strategic plan for their work.


Through the plan we designed, they raised almost 60% more than the past year, and took its events from an almost negligible fundraising, to earning twice its goal.

When I was asked
“I want to become a data scientist for my nonprofit, but don’t know how!”

How I helped a senior prospect researcher move from research-only profile to analytics-based role.

Through personalized and extremely customized mentoring and coaching, a senior prospect researcher found what he needs to build his personal professional development plan around data science and machine learning-led analytics.

Through detailed discussions around interests, passion, growth, and personal identity, we created a solid plan for the next two years. Not only following the plan he got more visibility in his nonprofit, he also landed a few data analytics-focused roles in his local region.

When I was asked
“I recently became Director of Development in my nonprofit. I don’t know any of my donors. Where do I start?”

How I helped an amazing Director of Development to connect with their donors.

My client (Director of Development for a nonprofit) had recently joined her nonprofit. The organization had been receiving $2-5K gifts from a handful of donors and a local charitable foundation for several years. There was no institutional memory as to why or how the gifts were made. I helped her in getting the house in order via three steps:

  • An engagement survey of all her donors,

  • A wealth screening on a handful of donors, and,

  • Creating strategies and needs for the upcoming Board meeting.


This led to her not only connect with donors but also prepare better for her Board meeting (where she could share data-driven needs for the nonprofit).

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