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What is included in our consulting services?

Your questions here sound like:

  • "We seek a survey that will help us gain deeper insights into our donor base's preferences and motivations, enabling us to tailor our engagement strategies more effectively. Where do we start?"
  • "How do we use a survey to engage our community, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of their satisfaction levels, preferences, demographic info and our areas for improvement?"
  • "We prefer an online survey format that is user-friendly and accessible across various devices, ensuring a wider participation rate from our diverse supporter groups."
  • "How do we design a survey where participants have the option to respond anonymously and confidentially on identity questions, fostering open and honest feedback?"

Donor* Survey

* Survey can also include, board members, staff, volunteers, event attendees etc.

Audience Engagement Analysis

Your questions here sound like:
  • "We are seeking a comprehensive analysis of our donor engagement strategies to assess their effectiveness in building lasting relationships, increasing contributions, and driving long-term support. Can you help?"
  • "We need an analysis that encompasses a wide range of data sources, including donation history, communication interactions, event attendance, and online engagement metrics. What else should we consider?"
  • "We need donor segmentation, helping us understand trends, preferences, and engagement patterns within different donor groups."
Your questions here sound like:
  • “We are looking to leverage our existing donor and engagement data to develop predictive models that will help us forecast donor behavior, identify potential major donors, and enhance our fundraising strategies.”
  • "We need the predictive models to consider a range of variables such as past donation history, communication preferences, engagement frequency, and demographic information. Can you help us?"
  • "We expect the predictive models to provide insights into donor segments that are most likely to respond positively to specific campaigns, allowing for targeted outreach. Where do we start?"

Equitable Predictive Modeling

Data Collection Assessment

Your questions here sound like:
  • "We are seeking an in-depth assessment of our current data collection processes and practices to identify gaps, inconsistencies, and opportunities for improvement.”
  • "We need a thorough review of our data collection methods, both manual and automated, to determine their effectiveness, efficiency, and alignment with best practices."
  • "The assessment should cover all relevant data sources, including donor information, engagement metrics, program outcomes, and other relevant datasets. We aim to ensure what we collect for demographic data aligns with our DEI goals.
This is a fixed 9-hours of advisory support on any data-related question you may have. Some examples of questions include:
  • "We are seeking AI advisory services to guide us in identifying opportunities for integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into our operations, programs, and decision-making processes.”
  • "The advisory should help us pinpoint specific use cases where AI can drive value, such as optimizing fundraising campaigns, enhancing donor engagement, or improving program effectiveness.”
  • "We just completed a DEI survey at our organization. We need support on how to analyze this data?”
  • “I am a new EDI manager and need support on how to design a culture of data equity at my organization.”

Data and AI Equity

Data Equity workshops

Whether you are a data enthusiast who wants to learn how equitable data practices can help in fundraising or you are an individual that wants to understand how to build better relationship with data, my workshops are great for you! We can work together  based on your goals and comfort with analysis skills. The workshops and trainings I offer can be a full-fledged workshop (as-is) or we can break it into smaller, digestible format for your team, e.g.,
  • an internal webinar, or,
  • Q&A sessions specific to your data and current challenges you may have.
Our most popular trainings include subjects:
  • Advancing Equity in Data Collection
  • Community-centric approach of using data in fundraising
  • Advancing Equity in Visualization
  • Towards Human-centric AI
For self-paced courses and workshops, visit site Data Is For Everyone.
I am committed to build BIPOC voice about research and analytics in nonprofit conferences and podcasts.
I extensively learn and share knowledge about exploring inclusive and equitable research practices and tools. If you are looking for speakers on your next conference, podcast or organization's annual meeting - count me in! I have been a Keynote and Guest speaker for at least 10+ virtual events and conferences.
Please note that I only join conferences and podcasts that value my time either in monetary honorarium and/or connect me with audience of my potential session/episode.
Some of my favorite topics include:
  • IDEA-based research tools
  • Advancing Data Equity
  • Dashboarding and Designing Metrics
  • AI Ethics and its Responsible Use
  • Building career in nonprofit data science

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