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Planning to be at any of these spaces?

Send a message so we can meet!


P.S.: this page is updated once every 6 months. :)

Mar 27th - NLL

Webinar: Designing Effective Surveys

May 16th - NAWA

Live session: Towards Human-Centric AI

June 04 - Mass Culture

Live session: Using Data Equity in coaching nonprofits on data narratives

TBD - Ethical Rainmaker Podcast by Michelle Muri

Episode on Using AI for the Community

August 17 - TNLVC

Live workshop: Moving Towards Human-Centric AI

Oct 09 - AFP Global

Live webinar: Moving Towards Human-Centric AI

April 09 - AFP ICON

Live session: Building Community-Centered Metrics

May 17 - CASE UTAH

Live session: Using AI for Good in Higher-Ed Fundraising

June 04 - DonorPerfect

Webinar: Using Human-Centric AI lens for Personalization

July 24 - NLL

Webinar: Understanding biases in AI

July 12 - Indonivare

Live workshop (Vancouver): Values abundance in the social sector

May 06 - AASP

Panel: AI Ethics and Data Equity

May 28 - BCAMA

Live Panel: AI Equity and DEI

June 06 - Vantage Point

Panel: Ethical data collection from communities around us

July 25 - NeonOne

Live Coaching for Nonprofits on Data Collection

July 30 - Data Is For Everyone

Live workshop (virtual): Advancing Equitable Data Collection

May 06 - We Give Summit

Panel: Using AI for Good

May 30 - Imagine

Panel: AI Ethics and Governance

June 19 - MTGW

Live session: ChatGPT prompts

July 30 - Keela

Webinar: Effective Metrics for Fundraising

Sept 25 - NLL

Live webinar: Designing Community-Centric Survey

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