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Want to learn how you can advance equity through data? Take these 3 popular data equity workshops.



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Donor Survey VIP DAY


Donor Survey VIP DAY is here (and on popular demand going to stay live throughout 2023!) -  just so you can leverage effective, robust, and equitable survey to reach your audience - quick & easy!

Here is what you can expect from this VIP day:

I. Survey Strategy - online and paper, so you know exactly when, how, who must get your survey.

II. Done-For-You Donor Survey - 2 surveys done-for-you that you can use for engagement, stewardship, and outreach purposes - all relevant for the next 18-months (at least).

III. Survey Analysis Template - A survey template that you can quickly use to analyze your own survey (designed above).

IV. Video Tutorials - survey-related video tutorials with lifetime access for you and your future team members.

V. 7 days of support for follow-up questions.

Asking right questions to the right audience can help you build 3x efficient engagement strategies.

Whether it is to identify new prospects, measure  donor engagement, test feasibility of your next fundraising move with your constituents, or simply conduct a post-event assessment survey. We can work together to identify your specific goals, design, distribute, manage technical issues and analyze the surveys. You will receive a detailed report of the analyzed survey and actionable next steps.

Interested in a one-hour power packed self-paced survey course? Click here to get started.

Let me design an equitable survey so you can listen to your audience

* Audience can be donors, board members, staff, volunteers, event attendees etc.

Let me contextualize engagement analysis to identify your most engaged audience

Your time is limited. Spend it judiciously, with the right people and the right messaging.
Engagement Analysis helps you answer three key questions
  • Is your audience engaged?
  • Are you spending time with the right people in your outreach?
  • How can you engage your audience better?​
This "audience" can include donors, volunteers, staff and any special constituent (e.g. alumni, patients and physicians etc.).

Your data is your fuel. Whether it is predicting who in your database is likely to become major gift donor or which volunteer in your database can engage more meaningfully with you, I can help you in uncovering those patterns in your data with the right predictive modeling techniques. The more you become comfortable in using predictive powers of your data, the more closer you become to welcome a culture of data science in your organization.

Let me build equitable predictive model to help you achieve intentional analytics maturity

Let me do an intentional assessment to tell you where you can do better with data

Intentional assessments around data can save both dollars and hours. It also supports in creating sustainable data culture. I work with organizations to assess
  • data visualization tools and practices
  • data collection tools and practice
  • analytics maturity at the organization
  • AI algorithms
With extensive background of working with various Nonprofits Tech, and pure data science projects, I understand the delicate balance of fundraising, analytics and a commitment for equitable research. I can bring all that experience into helping you setup or scale your analytics or AI shop. As a Data Equity Advisor, I support different roles like Executive Director, VP, Director of Research and Analytics, Manager of prospect research.

Let me be your data equity advisor to setup and scale data projects

Take workshops with me on advancing equity in data, research and AI

Whether you are a data enthusiast who wants to learn how equitable data practices can help in fundraising or you are an individual that wants to understand how to build better relationship with data, my workshops are great for you! We can work together  based on your goals and comfort with analysis skills. The workshops and trainings I offer can be a full-fledged workshop (as-is) or we can break it into smaller, digestible format for your team, e.g.,
  • an internal webinar, or,
  • Q&A sessions specific to your data and current challenges you may have.
Our most popular trainings include subjects:
  • Advancing Equity in Data Collection
  • Community-centric approach of using data in fundraising
  • Advancing Equity in Visualization
  • Towards Human-centric AI
For self-paced courses and workshops, visit site Data Is For Everyone.
I am committed to build BIPOC voice about research and analytics in nonprofit conferences and podcasts.
I extensively learn and share knowledge about exploring inclusive and equitable research practices and tools. If you are looking for speakers on your next conference, podcast or organization's annual meeting - count me in! I have been a Keynote and Guest speaker for at least 10+ virtual events and conferences.
Please note that I only join conferences and podcasts that value my time either in monetary honorarium and/or connect me with audience of my potential session/episode.
Some of my favorite topics include:
  • IDEA-based research tools
  • Donor and Volunteer surveys during COVID
  • Dashboarding
  • Designing metrics
  • Building career in fundraising data science

Need a speaker for your conference or podcast?

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