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Workshop Announcement: Advancing Equitable Data

Workshop on Advancing Equity Through Data!

Do you want to learn about the implications and impact of good data collection? Or about using social-identity data responsibly? Or simply about good collection practices?

Then join me in the workshop “Advancing Equitable Data”.

CFRE-approved virtual research school Data Is For Everyone brings to you this workshop to build collective efforts on advancing equity.

We meet Thursdays of every month. Dates of the workshop are added to the page on a rolling basis. Additionally, this workshop is built on social equity discount, meaning participants can choose their discount coupons based on their life journey. The core idea of this equitable pricing is inspired and included, with permission, from Tanya Hannah Rumble and Nicole McVan’s Philanthropy & Equity Community of Practice.

In this workshop, we aim to tackle questions such as:

  • What do the words equity and data mean together?

  • How can data lead to impact and accountability?

  • What is the role of data in perpetuating biases?

  • How can we collect data with equity and inclusion in mind?

  • What is the influence of context and language on collecting data in a non-harmful way?

  • What are some common challenges of collecting equitable data?

  • What are the implications of social identity data collection?

No specific/prior knowledge of research or analytics is needed. All that is required is - you.

To our continuous learning, Meena Das


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