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Why the newsletter "data uncollected"?

I love people. Data is the language I speak well (if not fluently), that allows me to remember, honor, count and find opportunities of growth for the people and their stories.

#1. This newsletter, data uncollected is designed for us to talk about everything the raw data is capable of – from simple strategies of building equity into research+analytics processes to how we can make a better community through purpose-driven analysis.

#2. The name "data uncollected" is aimed to connect the dots between

  • the data we missed to collect in the past

  • the data we collected but is flawed at points (e.g., biases)

  • the data we "learned" to prioritize for collection as a habit of being algorithm-driven at times, and,

  • the data we will collect in the future – that needs to be driven by conscious rationale rather than old habits

#3. This (newsletter) is a community-engaged space – that means you and I struggle and explore topics of this uncollected data together. It also means that we acknowledge that we will not get right everything (about data) in one go. The struggle here is a collective commitment that we will learn what needs to be learned – at a human pace.

#4. The success here (of data uncollected) is not in the "key stats" I keep getting notifications for. The success of this newsletter lies when we translate a small figment from the newsletter to our roles - as analysts, technologists, journalists, academicians, nonprofit leaders, fundraisers, innovationists, entrepreneurs, and many other titles that we could collectively have.

Let's continue this exploration – because the messiness is worth it!


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