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Nonprofit Leadership + Analytics

Here are some common questions I get from nonprofit leaders data and analytics:

● “How do I implement analytics in my nonprofit?”

- from an ED of 7 PT staff nonprofit

● “What data should I think of collecting to report impact for my funders?”

- from an MGO in an 85 FT + PT staff nonprofit

● “What analytics practices and processes should I think about when I speak with my research team?”

- from a CDO of 100+ FT + PT staff nonprofit

● “What should I change in my data collection to get closer to JEDI?”

- from an ED of 25 FT staff nonprofit

(I am including staff size to make a point)

And the list of such good questions continue. I appreciate them all - because every opportunity to talk through these questions show someone is willing and interested to listening.

I have finally built this little chart from all such conversations.

I pick the following two questions to form my response for them:

● Do you need to be hands-on yourself to achieve a data-related project? Do you need to include it in your role description actively? Or is it a good add-on?

● Do you have the interest and skills for data-related projects?

The chart below shows high-level actions on the combinations of responses to the above questions. From here, we drill down on next steps as relevant.

What do you think? Anything else here that I should consider in this picture?


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