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8 questions I want you to ask about data equity.

8 questions about data equity nonprofits must ask today

Nonprofits, here are 8 questions I want you to ask about data equity.

Let me set some context where I am coming from. 

See, this is the ‘why’ of my work I live every day – to commit to aligning the lived and learned experiences of communities represented, counted, measured, and reported in data.

Very early in my work, I realized that to stay true to this ‘why’, I need to acknowledge the difference in the understanding, language, and concerns of every nonprofit around data equity. I need to be able to listen to the uniqueness of our contexts around data equity.

So, I designed “Data Equity Consultation” – a chunk of my time to be the listener and advisor on all unique shapes and forms of data equity.

I have spent those hours in advising on

  • Analyzing DEI data

  • Collecting demographic data in the new CRM

  • Setting up provincial (and possibly national) level demographic data

  • Building inclusive teams for Responsible AI

  • Designing in-house data ethics committees and how to operationalize them

  • Redesigning dashboards after CRM transition – not for the charts but for the fundamental data equity questions

This is the source of these 8 questions.

All those conversations have had these 8 fundamental core questions – maybe in different words, but with the same intentions.

So, if you are not asking them already, now is the time.

Data Equity is about actively de-weaponizing your data so your entire community can safely engage with it, through it.

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