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As a consultant operating at the intersection of data, technology, and nonprofits, I offer a unique and valuable perspective that can benefit you through strategic collaborations via sponsorships. Here are a few reasons why we can build meaningful partnership:
  • Expertise in the nonprofit sector: With a deep understanding of the nonprofit landscape, I possess specialized knowledge of the challenges, needs, and opportunities specific to this sector. By collaborating, you can tap into this expertise to develop targeted solutions that address the distinct requirements of nonprofits. I can provide valuable insights into the sector's data management practices, impact measurement needs, and technological gaps that can inform the development and customization of your products or services.
  • Access to nonprofit networks: As a consultant in the nonprofit community, I have access to a broad network of nonprofits, social enterprises, and philanthropic organizations. Through sponsorships and collaborations, you can expand your reach, establish deeper relationships, and gain exposure to potential clients and partners within the social impact sector.
  • Bridge between data, technology, and nonprofits: My expertise lies in bridging the gap between data-driven insights, technological solutions, and the unique needs of nonprofits. I can help you translate their technical capabilities into practical and actionable strategies that resonate with nonprofit organizations. By collaborating with me, you can ensure that their products and services are aligned with the specific requirements and constraints of the nonprofit sector, enhancing your value proposition and market relevance.
  • Thought leadership and industry recognition: As an independent consultant, I strive to maintain thought leadership in the areas of data, technology, and nonprofits. You can benefit from creating collective thought leadership activities, such as speaking engagements, publications, webinars, and industry events. This collaboration can elevate your brand visibility and enhance your credibility among nonprofit community.
  • Co-creation and product enhancement: Through sponsorships, you have the opportunity to engage in co-creation and product enhancement activities. Through our collaboration, you can gain valuable insights into emerging trends, evolving needs, and technological advancements within the nonprofit sector. This can inform your product development roadmap, ensuring that your offerings are tailored to address the evolving challenges and opportunities faced by nonprofits.
Community in numbers:
(based on past 12 months):

1. Social media followers: 12K+
2. Social media engagement rate: 2.5 to 3%
3. Average views per post: 5000+
4. LinkedIn newsletter subscribers: 2500+
6. Email subscribers: 1500+
7. Average open rate: 40 to 50%
8. Average click rate: 2 to 8%
7. Webinars: 15+
8. Podcasts: 7+

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