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Say hello!

Hey, you.

Happy New Year!

Here is something I want to do for this year - say as many first hellos as possible.

First hellos are powerful.

Don't get me wrong; they can be awkward or nervousness-led. But, once you cross the first hello, magic becomes a possibility.

You might find a friend, a mentor, a supporter, or a believer in your work.

Strictly work-wise speaking, my first hellos in 2022 led me to create services I never imagined.


- When I received an email one afternoon from a theatre saying they found my website and wondered if I could do some workshop on data for them.

That led to the first workshops I ever offered - advancing equity in data collection workshops (for individuals and nonprofits).

- When I got a message from a Director of Development for a coffee. She asked if she could connect me with her Director of Prospect Research for leadership advisory support for their analytics team.

That led to my first leadership coaching for the data people of this industry.

- When a performing theatre organization reached out with a hello zoom invite. They wondered how their different surveys - living on different platforms - should/could improve.

That led to my very first client on data collection assessment.

So, commit to saying those first hellos. Once you get past that, magic becomes a possibility.

As you find your rhythm back in work this new year, reach out if you are thinking of doing better, doing differently with your data.

You only need to say hello.


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