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Prepare for AI with AI Advancement Lab

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I wrote my very first algorithm 16 years ago.

I wrote my first algorithm that went live across continents about 10 years ago.

In the past 18 months, I have done 10 workshops, spoken at 15+ conferences, written nationally published articles, and designed principles and frameworks – all around human-centric AI.

Trust me, I have worked with data and algorithms for far too long to say one thing very confidently – we must commit to learning algorithms.

The best way to prepare for what AI can offer to our work is to mindfully experiment and learn our capabilities, needs, and intentions with this technology.

Thus, the AI Advancement Lab was born. The vision was clear: equip nonprofit leaders with the knowledge and tools to integrate AI into their missions confidently. The workshop would address the technical skills gap, offer insights into ethical AI practices, and, most importantly, create an environment of learning and empowerment.

I remember my first talk on human-centric AI. The room buzzed with a mix of anticipation and uncertainty. But as the sessions progressed, I saw meaningful conversations emerging. There were 'aha' moments as participants realized how AI could be tailored to their unique needs.

Discussions became more real, and ideas flowed on how AI could enhance fundraising strategies or improve operational efficiency.

The AI Advancement Lab is more than just coaching; it is a catalyst for being better prepared. It isn't just about bridging the technological gap but building a community of forward-thinking leaders ready to embrace the future.

Don't wait to learn about AI, seriously. Join this program to start learning the practicalities.


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