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Nonprofits, Leverage Individual Giving Analytics, Today.

The way any nonprofit thrives in its marketing and outreach programs is by gathering and using the data it collects through its donors. By learning the giving habits of donors, an organization can put into place actions and dedicate time to improving the areas they lack and strengthening the bonds they have already made.

Going deeper into detail, analyzing the individual giving from donor to donor can give a more personalized and intricate look at how your most prolific supporters continue to contribute to the cause and how reliable their future participation can be. Here are a few ways this data can be utilized by the group to move forward into future campaigns.

It Sets Precedents: People are attracted to patterns and routines. When you look at a dataset of an individual’s donations, over time, a pattern will develop that leads to assured future actions. When they donate, how much, and what all leads to pre-determining their behavior down the line. When you know when people are likely to donate, you can plan your campaigns accordingly to maximize their generosity.

It Provides Reliability: Charities always worry about having dry periods or running out of money. Without donations, the organization can’t stay afloat. When you have enough regular donors, you should be able to find a reasonable minimum level of funding that comes in at regular intervals. You can then plan finances around that basic minimum knowing it will always be available.

Enhances Connections: Viewing individual analytics gives you highlights into the personal lives of key donors. It connects the individual with the larter organization in a way that invites more emotional dedication on the part of the donor. Getting to know people, even through data, can lead to more open-hearted interactions, which in turn can enhance the generosity factors that go into their planned donation habits.

Improve Contacts: We have more choices on communication than ever before, which means everyone has their own way of being contacted. Getting that information from individuals will allow you to curate and manage your list of contacts in a more personal way. Sending only emails, only texts or only updates via social media posts can make your group seem too disconnected from the donors who might not use any of those given services. Having multiple skews of contact and including individuals in their preferred way will increase the rate of conversion.

Plan Around Rewards: Donating is its own kind of gift, it’s an act of kindness to support a cause that someone believes in. However, knowing an individual’s giving data may allow the group they give to to give back a little bit. Through surveys or personal connections, the group may find out some aspect of the donor’s life that can be improved, allowing a giving-back attempt that can foster deeper ties between the individual and the organization. Even just highlighting the exact changes their contribution made can give them the motivation to continue or increase their efforts.


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