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Here is a collection of my recent trainings and webinars. As part of my commitment (stated below) to support community, I intend to provide accessible content. Thus, please reach out if you need any financial assistance to attend upcoming webinars. While I cannot support all requests, I promise to provide financial support to 3 individuals. For all past webinars, contact me for recording and materials.

Please note that the below list (of trainings and webinars) is not available for mobile-version yet.

My commitment: As a BIPOC Immigrant, I aim to enable all voices that seek and support racial and social justice. To keep my commitment, I offer

  • My services at "pay what you can" model for 3 BIPOC led organizations every 9 months, and

  • Pro-bono 5 1-hr sessions every month to anyone who lost their job due to COVID. Sessions can be around any data/data science related counsel (e.g., resume tweaks for analyst or counsel for work).

FOUR new courses launching in early 2022!

I. Analytics for Leadership
II. Machine Learning for Prospect Development
III. Survey Assessment
IV. Overcome the data fear

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TOP 15 #alldataconsidered articles 2020-2021

Rethinking Donor and Volunteer Surveys: From Design to Analysis

Event by APRA Green Lakes
October 2021

A single survey is the most powerful tool a nonprofit can leverage to reach out to its past, present, and future supporters if designed and structured thoughtfully. Through such a survey, rich data could be collected for potential future engagement opportunities. So, join me in this bootcamp to rethink designing and analyzing a donor and volunteer engagement survey. This session will include those basics of what it means to design an inclusive survey followed by a case study on leveraging your already available data for developing holistic next steps from this survey.

Learning outcomes:
1.      Learn how to design an inclusive donor and volunteer engagement survey
2.      Learn what are the steps to ensure a successful survey launch
3.      Learn about developing strategies in analyzing the survey data with already available donor data in the database
We all have either worked with prospect researchers or done some research ourselves. We know the usual ask in prospect research. We also see the depth and breadth of work it takes to produce quality outcomes from the research. Then, why is it that when it comes to sharing our research work, we don’t have equally good metrics to show our impact? Join me this 45-min where you will learn:
  • · Why do we need to track and share the impact of prospect research?
  • · What are some key performance indicators you can track to measure prospect research impact?
  • · How can you use those indicators to initiate conversations within and outside the research team?
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Prospect Research and Sharing It's Impact with Fundraisers

Event by Nonprofit Learning Lab
September and October 2021

Designing Metrics and KPIs

Event by APRA Carolinas
August 2021
We all love data and dashboards. But, how do we decide what metrics to design out of the data to go on those dashboards? What questions to ask the data when thinking about KPIs? Join me with your questions, experiences and
thoughts to collectively achieve the following objectives:

1. understanding the basics of designing metrics and KPIs (i.e., pre-design step),
2. understanding the best practices to implement metrics and KPIs (i.e., design
step) and
3. understanding the necessary actions after you have designed your metrics (i.e.,
post-design step)
Here is a comprehensive “conversation-starter” course for our nonprofit friends who may wish to leverage analytics in their fundraising departments. This is a 35-min course intended to create space for dialogue around inclusive analytics. So, to enable good conversations, I proudly share that this course is now available on Udemy (link is available below).

Note that when people think about analytics, they generally consider a range of techniques. These run the gamut from spreadsheets and dashboards to more advanced techniques such as self-service data discovery and machine learning. For this course, I refer to the whole spectrum (i.e., from taking your research services to bringing concepts of predictability) as analytics.

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California Advancement Research Association
November 2020
Conference Speaker For "Donor and Volunteer Surveys During Covid"
The session will help participants design donor and volunteer surveys during COVID times, keeping in mind DEIA and forming strategies to analyze effectively. 
Participants will learn
  1. best practices of designing multi-constituent engagement surveys
  2. Sample questions for donor and volunteer surveys
  3. to-do steps between design and analysis of the surveys
  4. best practices of analyzing key questions strategically
  5. segmentation techniques after the survey analysis
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Interested to learn more? Contact me for a one-hour customized training on this subject.
Interested to learn more? Contact me for a one-hour customized training on this subject.
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